Getting Ready to Move

There’s a bitter sweet feeling in our home. The boxes are packed in the garage and throughout the house. Jason will stay in the house we’re currently in and I’ve been careful to pack light. Keeping the existing house filled with memories and furnishings that maintain the feeling of family is important.

Emmit starts at his new (he went there before) school tomorrow morning. He’s back at Oxbow Creek / District 11 and we couldn’t be happier! He’ll be dropped off and picked up for the next few weeks, then after Christmas Break, he will ride the bus to and from our new house.

The final walk-through on the new house is scheduled for 12/12. This is when we will check that the inspection updates were made by the previous homeowner. Closing is scheduled for 9am on 12/15. The helpers that I’ve hired from Bethel College will meet me at the new home at 9am on 12/16 to rip out carpet, move the old appliances out and help me move.

Fast isn’t cheap…

We’ll live without flooring on the main floor for a while and our only fridge will reside in the garage while I shop for a good deal. The opening for my current fridge is just 34.5″ wide, but the average side-by-side is 36″ wide. My solution for that is to relocate the pantry. The goal is to spend next-to-nothing on improvements. I’ll do most of the work on my own, enlisting the muscles from my 11-year-old and nearly 13-year-old to move things, tear down walls and lay flooring. We’ll watch YouTube videos on how-to do anything I’m not sure of.

The two biggest purchases that I’ve made so far have been a double oven and a snow blower. I knew enough about ovens to make a purchase without hesitation. Double ovens are great for mom’s that have boys! They seem to be twice as expensive though so I bought mine on Craigslist. I borrowed my husbands truck to go get it and… H.O.L.Y.S.H.I.T. Pardon my French, but I’m not sure that I’ve ever lifted something so heavy!!! The seller and I grabbed it from the bottom and brought it all of the way up into the bed of a Toyota Tundra. There is no way I was going to drop it, but once I had it half way up to the bed of the truck I definitely needed to do some self-talk to hoist it the rest of the way up. I’m 5’3″ and the bed of the truck is chest height for me. Oofda!

The snow blower was something I was completely unknowledgeable about. After texting back and forth with my step-dad (Jim) for an entire afternoon, I knew that I needed a –2-stroke, push start, 24 inch, self-propelled– snow blower. I also wanted one with no rust and a warranty. Jim found one on Craigslist the next day and went to check it out to be sure it wasn’t a dud. [Note: Jim is amazzzzing] It was determined to be a gem so he hauled it home, cleaned the carburetor and is storing it at his house until I move. I can’t picture myself blowing out my driveway and I honestly think I’d rather die than bundle up and blow snow, but I’ll do it.

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for the start of the before and after pictures!

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