Moving Day: 12/16/15

The weather was awful and perfect all at the same time, just like the house. It was snowing and about 34 degrees. Awful because of the wet slop and perfect because moving is a sweaty job and the temperature was perfect for a t-shirt and sweats. Also, in MN on 12/16, we could have had an ice storm or a blizzard! This is a pic of the backyard early on that day.
IMG_2037 (1)
I’d priced out moving companies over Thanksgiving weekend and ended up finding the BEST “movers” that my situation could have ever asked for. They’re hired by the hour and help with anything that you need done! It’s a company that uses students from Bethel College. I had them meet me at the house in the morning to finish ripping out the carpet on the main floor and to remove the oven and the refrigerator from the kitchen. I was trying to be super smart by taking a picture of how the water was hooked up so that I could hook it back up once I had a new refrigerator.  This pic did not help me, but a $20 bill did later on when I had the new fridge delivered. Stay tuned for the day that “Fred the Fridge” was delivered.
IMG_2035 (1)
****There will be a common theme throughout this blog…my measurements are problematic****
I had purchased a U-Haul truck that was for a 2 bedroom home. It was hard for me to determine how much I would have to move since I was only taking part of a household and not an entire house. I rented a 15 foot truck. As suspected for years, I’m a hoarder. We ended up filling it twice – and I still had a few car loads and big shopping trips needed on top of that. Next time I move, I’ll know that I need a semi-truck vs. a U-Haul.
Because I was paying by the hour, I had the movers just place my boxes in the garage. I sorted through them and moved them in on my own. This ended up working really well. My boxes were labelled and I was able to unpack one room at a time. I started with the coffee pot (labelled “IMPORTANT”) and ended with the muffin pans. You’ll see the picture of the final box unpacked when I get to 1/14/16!
The final couch was moved in around 4pm this day and took some major engineering to get it into the Tutt Bro Cave. We removed legs and doors. We (they) pushed and stopped to banter and repositioned and, well…it’s nevvvvvver coming back out.
My friend Kelly also came over for a bit and helped me get my bed assembled. Based on previous moves, I knew it was going to be important to have my bed ready. Kelly (non-power) screwed my kitchen table together, too. Now that I’m thinking about it, I think it was with a flathead screwdriver. lol. Thank you, Kelly!

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