You guys! This was the scariest injury so far. Not just for this renovation, but for my life. I don’t think I’m exaggerating either…

The story on how it happened is really lame. I was moving a fake tree/plant and didn’t realize that the huge leaves were attached to metal rods disguised as branches.


I dove down to move the beast and the next thing I knew I was holding my face and wondering if I had an eye. I looked at my hand (with my right eye) and saw blood. I couldn’t completely feel the left side of my face to determine whether or not I was okay. I’ll admit that I do get a little over dramatic when I see blood.

It turns out I had only punctured my face. The rod hit the bone under my eye and my reflexes were quick enough for me to back the heck up before the rod slid up into my eyeball.

We had a family Christmas that evening and I spent most of the night with an ice pack on my face. I’d like to think I’ll forget about this incident, but unfortunately it’s left a permanent scar.

Close Call!
Close Call!

Eye Injury

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