Christmas Week

Now that it’s been over a week, there is a new goal. The demo material + the boxes in the garage are driving me nuts. I have a 2 stall garage that can barely fit my small car. I’ve started bringing in and unpacking more boxes, but unpacking doesn’t make a lot of sense. Everything is covered in dust, constantly, including my clothes and my hair. With the plywood sub floor as my only floor, I felt it would be okay to spray paint the primer on my cabinet doors inside. Remember, it’s December in MN so spray painting outside is cold – and the paint doesn’t really dry in outdoor temperatures. I underestimated the mess that would make. There was a light, white-colored film on everything, including the living room furniture.


As soon as I would clean one mess up, I would be making another mess. With my fridge out of the house, my oven worked as a perfect saw horse. Sawing in the house was another mess that I’d underestimated. I was getting used to living with white dusk on the butt of my black pants and primer in my hair.

My creative self is back and I’m so excited about it! I found peel and stick wallpaper at Target and put it inside my kitchen cabinets. It’s a faux brick and was super duper easy to use. This was such a minor task, but it made me feel like my cabinet renovation went one awesome step further than I’d originally thought of. It also made me want to have glass cabinet doors. You can see in one of my lists that I’d priced that out. It was pretty expensive so I’m either going to have to do it myself, or not do it at all.

IMG_2131 IMG_2130

In between the big jobs, I’d also find time for some fun. I found a few lego guys when I moved the old stove out of the house. I knew right away that they’d be a part of the decor. My friend Kelly bought me this frame as a housewarming gift. The lego guys are perfect in it!

FullSizeRender (8)

This is just a note-to-self: I changed my coffee from a Keurig to a regular coffee pot. I *may* be drinking a few more cups and measuring a little bit stronger than I’d been used to. I have no idea, I’m not great at measuring – anything.

Christmas was a Thursday/Friday this year. I got up early on Christmas Day (strong coffee+determination) and figured out the TV’s. For context, growing up we had 5 remote controls and a satellite dish. Every time I touched a remote, my dad would have to call a repair man to figure out what I’d done. So, you can imagine how scary it was to even begin setting my TV’s up. But…

I crushed this daunting task and a few minutes after I’d hit the power button I was already downloading the Fireplace App! I’m no longer afraid of my TV and I’m even able to teach the boys how to get closed captioning turned off! I’ve yet to figure out how to get my computer screen on the TV, but I think when that happens I may need intervention.

FullSizeRender (6)


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