Snow Blowing

It’s been a REALLY mild winter in MN and the snow that’s fallen has melted within the same day. Some years we have snow up to our necks – in October – so I wasn’t surprised when we had enough snow on 12/26 to need to use my new-to-me snow blower.

I was a little nervous as I tried to recall the steps that Jim taught me to get it started. After a slight malfunction on my part, I had it revved up and ready to go! H-O-L-Y S-H-I-T. I have no idea why this feels any harder than a lawn mower, but for some reason it’s like a level up to me.

I always imagine that the entire neighborhood is watching me, so I was trying to act like I knew what I was doing. That proved to be impossible as I made it to the end of the driveway and had to make a 180 degree turn to go back up toward the house. I was pretty sure there was an easier way to turn than to be yanked and pulled. I never did figure that part out, but I did watch a YouTube video prior to going out to be sure I was starting in the correct spot. By correct spot, I mean, I wasn’t sure if I should start by going down the middle or by going from left to right.

Never mind any of that, though, I needed to know where my driveway was! I accidentally snow blowed my landscaping rocks and my yard! I didn’t munch up a lot of it, but enough to make the snow blower make an awful grinding noise. Yikes! (I bought poles at Home Depot to guide me for the next time)

I was kind of bummed when I was done. It didn’t take very long and I really wanted to keep going. I thought about snow blowing a few more driveways, but hesitated because I didn’t quite know how to make turns without yanking and tugging yet.

Snow Blowing!
Snow Blowing!



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