Dishwasher Replacement: Plumbing and Electrical in one!

You know how when you’re renovating you get zoned in on one particular task at a time. I’d been working on the staircase for so long that I started to not even notice all of work that needed to still be completed in the kitchen. Before I could focus on the countertops, I needed to get a new matching dishwasher.

Before I could get a dishwasher, I needed to understand what I was getting myself into. I retreated to YouTube videos to learn everything I was going to need to know. Seemed easy enough…

I purchased my dishwasher and it was going to be delivered the next day. Since they were going to be taking my old dishwasher away, that meant I had to hurry up and get it uninstalled. Eek. I wasn’t prepared to have to learn this so fast!

I unscrewed it from the countertop and started pulling it out but it was jammed. I watched a few more YouTube videos before I found one that showed me everything I needed to see. I was jammed because the water hadn’t yet been disconnected and the copper tubing was blocking the dishwasher from sliding out.

  1. shut the power off
  2. shut the water off
  3. get a flashlight (I used my phone)
  4. disconnect the copper piping and be prepared for water to leak out (I had to run to get a towel and when I had returned the water was leaking all over my phone, shit!)
  5. pull the dishwasher all of the way out
  6. disconnect the power
  7. disconnect the big clear hose thing
  8. carry your old dishwasher out of the house!
  9. clean the grossness from the floor





When I got home the next day, my new dishwasher was sitting in my living room.


I took the kiddos to baseball practice and hurried home, excited to see if I could redo what I had undone with the old dishwasher the night before. I couldn’t find the instructions anywhere in the box. Oh well, I figured I could figure it out without the instructions. Once the dishwasher was out of the box…

  1. connect the big clear hose thing
  2. connect the power
  3. adjust the legs so that the dishwasher is the correct height
  4. push the dishwasher into the space
  5. connect the copper piping
  6. screw the dishwasher to the counter
  7. turn the water back on
  8. press start
  9. wonder why the dishwasher doesn’t turn on
  10. remember that the power is still turned off, turn the power back on
  11. press start
  12. after 10 minutes of running the dishwasher, check the inside and find the soaking wet instructions


Like all of the other projects…once it is complete, I become obsessed with staring at whatever eye sore is closest. As you can see, the countertops have yet to be replaced and now that the dishwasher is in, the countertops are next!


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