Hobby Lobby

  1. I had never been in a Hobby Lobby ever before in my life.
  2. Hobby Lobby opened a store near my home a few months ago.
  3. I received a gift card from my mom for Christmas.

Those 3 things combined gives you a glimpse into what I was about to walk into. I happened to be in the area one day and was looking to kill about 60 minutes in between dropping off and picking up one of the kiddos. I’m not sure if all of the Hobby Lobby stores have an entryway full of items, but I was literally not even in the actual store yet and I was awestruck.

I actually started to get anxiety about not having more than 60 minutes. I’d heard that I would love this store, but I’d underestimated what that meant. I hadn’t anticipated the brain explosion that I was experiencing.

As I tried to carefully select which aisles to check out with my limited time, I became frozen. I couldn’t take in everything that was surrounding me and I kept checking the time.

I found this huge flamingo and contemplated buying it. I restrained.


I ended up with 5 minutes left and hadn’t even dented seeing all of the things in the store. To prove to you how whacky my brain got, I ended up buying a couple packs of incense.


I do consider myself a little boho, but I don’t think I’m much of a hippie….

I got home, lit my incense and was brought back to memories of being 18-years-old. LOL. :/

I will never again go to Hobby Lobby unless I have a minimum of 3 hours to spend there.


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