It’s a Happy and Organized Closet!

When we moved into this house, the entryway closet had an oak-colored, hollow core bifold door. The door did not open and close without effort because it wasn’t installed properly and it also took up valuable space when it was opened. Lastly, as much as I like to think that my boys and I would actually use hangers…the truth is that we will not.

I’d pinned a bunch of ideas on closet organization but hadn’t yet gotten around to buying the lumber and starting this project until one day when I was driving home from the grocery store. I found a discarded Ikea desk on somebody’s curb. I pulled over and tried to fit the desk into my car, on top of the groceries, but it wouldn’t fit.

I hurried home, left the groceries on the floor in the garage and grabbed my drill and drill bits. I brought ALL of my drill bits because I knew Ikea furniture uses “interesting” hardware. Also, for some reason I felt like I needed to hurry. As if somebody else wanted a broken Ikea desk more than I did?

It was partially buried in snow and ice. Once I’d yanked it from the snow pile, I dismantled it and hauled it home. I took my ugly bifold door down, removed the rod and unused hangers from the closet and got building.


The top of the desk was cut to fit the entire inside parameter of the closet, to be used as the bench. The legs of the desk were cut to fit both edges and a middle piece for extra support. I screwed it all down and then patched the screw holes with wall putty.

IMG_2489 (1)

I trimmed the bench for a more finished look and added a wider shelf to the area above. The coat rack is an old piece of floor board from a farm house that I had. The hooks were a gift from my mom that I was saving for this area. I thought about adding the pallet wall look to the inside, but I didn’t have enough wood and was thinking that for resale value that might not be the best idea.



I ended up painting the inside of the closet a dark green and painting the bench and shelf white to match the staircase railings and trim. I also hung a curtain above the closet. The curtain is for decorative purposes only. Now, I don’t have a closet door banging up against my table and we have an easy dumping ground for jackets and gear – plus storage for gloves, hats and scarves that go unused half of the year!


When this project was complete, I did what I do when every project is complete. I stare at the thing that I don’t like about it. The trim for this closet is butting up to white trim from when I redid the staircase (you can see this in pictures above). It took a few weeks or maybe even a few months?…but I finally tackled painting the trim (and wallpapering the wall).

Now, the entryway closet, and the entire area around it, is perfect!


*The wallpaper is just stick on and comes off very easily for resale.




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