Giddyup Muchachos

I reallllllly like upcycling. I’m also really bad at taking before pictures because I rarely realize I’m going to start getting crafty until I’m already started.

Here are two frames that had really ugly art. I bought them at Goodwill for a few bucks. The orange leather frame had a scarecrow and said Happy Halloween. The off-white metal frame had the very popular, “Live, Laugh, Love.”


I used regular latex paint. I’d purchased this from the “oops” paint shelf, meaning it wasn’t the color that the person had intended it to be. Either it was mixed incorrectly, or something else happened. Almost all hardware stores have a clearance shelf with oops paints.


The green paint was from something that I’d originally fiddled with on the kitchen island. I mixed a little bit of darker paint with it for this to it to avoid a minty tone. The dark that I used was also oops paint. It was what I’d used on interior of the entryway closet.

TIP: If you rub a piece of chalk (on it’s side/horizontally) up and down the area that you’ve painted with your latex paint, it will make the surface similar to a chalkboard. After rubbing the chalk all over the paint, just wipe it off with a dry towel and write whatever it is you want to say!

Giddyup Muchachos! Happy upcycling!



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