Tree Removal Shenanigans

Everything is overgrown, partially dead and fugly.

You may remember, this house was a short sale. It took a million years to finally close and during that time, the landscaping went straight to hell. Also, there were renters in the home for about 5 years prior to it becoming a short sale. My guess is that there was no landscaping maintenance for approximately 8-10 years, when the housing market crashed in ’06-’08.

I can tell that the original homeowners took really great care of the exterior. They put a lot of money into retaining walls, a pond, a pool, gas fireplaces that run from the home gas line, concrete edging, new siding and a maintenance free fence. I also inherited all of the paperwork for those items! Nice! My guess is that they also planted the arborvitae trees in a very horrible location, smack against the front of the house.

What were they thinking?!?

Front Exterior

As usual, I try to do everything on my own. I started by just vacuuming up the rocks. There were pine needles that were a foot deep. The vacuuming of course turned into me trimming off the bottom branches of the trees. Before I knew it, I had trimmed an entire tree bare as high as I could reach without using a ladder.

Perfect! My house has a nose!


Everybody in the neighborhood is super friendly. As I was vacuuming the pine needles they stopped to introduce themselves and nearly every single one of them mentioned “Brian.” One of them even brought me Brian’s business card! I wasn’t ready to give up and call Brian just yet, but after standing back and looking at my house from the street I was. Ha!

Honestly, as I thought more about removing the trees by myself (with a truck and a chain?) I got a bit nervous about potential gas lines, the house foundation and other unknowns.

I texted Brian, the lawn guy that everybody in the neighborhood raved about. Brian showed up a few days later and we walked around my big and bushy yard. These are pictures of different bushes, all around the house.


Besides being highly recommended, Brian was also familiar with my yard from previous years! We discussed what he would take care of vs. what I would take care of on my own and he told me he’d be back on a rain day. He does lawn care and saves tree removal types of projects for days that he can’t be doing lawns.

It literally rained for 6 days straight. Each day I would drive toward my house hoping that it would be the day. Then, on day 6 of the rain, there it was! A bobcat! Right in front of my house! Yasssss!



I now had a blank slate to work with. He pulled all of the bushes and trees from around the front of the house. I haven’t decided on exactly what I’m going to plant yet, but this is already 110% better than owning a house with the nose.


FullSizeRender (36)



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