Laundry Room Sink: Floodville

For 15 years I’ve had new homes. In those new homes, the washing machines have been on the right, because you read left to right and you should do laundry from left to right. Kidding, but maybe not. Also, my laundry room sinks have always been used as soaking tubs or storage.

When the boys were little, I’d use the sink to soak their onesies. When they got bigger, during baseball season, I’d use the sink to soak their baseball pants. When it isn’t baseball season the laundry sink acts as a catch-all. It collects out of season sports gear, items to donate and socks and gloves that have lost their mates.

When I moved into this home, I did the same thing. I unloaded a moving box and put a bunch of items in the laundry sink, including the laundry soap tablets, bleach, mason jar, and other items I use for my magic stain removal techniques.

I started a load of laundry.


I returned to the laundry room and all of the items that I had put in the laundry sink were wet and icky. The huge tub of laundry tabs were wet, slimey and had morphed into one great big sticky blob. I had no idea what had happened and assumed that one of the boys had decided to see what would happen if they got the laundry soap tabs wet. Ugh. I started a new load of laundry…

Later that day when I went to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer I found a flood all over the laundry room floor.


Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I remembered something!

When I was younger, the laundry tub was what the washing machine drained into! THAT is what was happening here. My washing machine was draining into the sink and everything I had in the sink was getting power soaked by the washing machine spin cycle. During the second wash that I’d run, the soap tabs had tipped out of their container again and created a goop so thick that it actually blocked the drain in the sink causing it to overflow, flooding the laundry room.

I am a total genius. Watch out folks. I’m learning! Hoping this catastrophe post can save you from a similar soggy mess. 😀

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