Kitchen Window

All of the trim and woodwork in my home is/was brown. I’ve been updating the trim from oak to painted white little-by-little, but I wasn’t sure on whether to paint my kitchen window. I’d taken a week off from work to get all of my house tasks completed and had to make a decision.

Should I paint it, or should I stain it? One thing was certain, it needed something! I decided to paint it white.


Here is the complete kitchen window transformation…

December: the window came with plastic white shutters that were not able to be opened because the faucet was in the way.

Kitchen Stove

January: the cabinets had been painted, making me wonder even more on whether I should paint the window as well.


December: the shutters had to come off. I purchased burlap with a chevron pattern. The burlap would provide a bit of privacy, but still let the window breath and let light through.


February: I stained/painted a sign to cover up the wavy decorative board and added glass shelving above the cafe curtain to house plants on. The plants were a fun way for me to add color to all of the white, which I was not used to.


March: Even the countertops were white back then…


April: Once I had the new countertops installed, I was able to get a clearer picture of whether I should stain or paint the window. I was leaning toward painting, but no matter what I did I had to wait for the spring showers to be done so that the wood was 100% dry.


June: I know I made the right decision.



A direct comparison between the brown and the white. I can’t believe how much it opens the space up and makes it feel bigger!


+ new faucet
+ new faucet

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