Backyard Pool

One of the main reasons I purchased this home was because it had a pool.  It started out pretty nas-tay.

This was a peek under the winter cover once it started to warm up a bit…ewwww!


I marked the date. It was 85 degrees, in MARCH! Not really, it was 77 degrees, but still…


This was a MUST…(There were still snow piles around the yard, too)


The previous owners left me a name and number for the guy that comes every spring and fall to open and close the pool. I gave him a call and he was happy that I wasn’t them. 😮 He had a few choice words about the previous renters and let me know that he’ll come to open it up, but that he does not do maintenance. Once he got here we were BFF’s. He’s from a farm and liked that I said, Oofda. He told me I could call him any time and that he may laugh at my dumb questions but that he’d do his best to help me figure stuff out. He got the pump and filter running, dumped 2 jugs of chlorine in the pool and told me to get a vacuum running quick.

This is what it looked like when he left. :/


I knew it would take a few days to clear up, but I’m not a super patient person. Also, I didn’t have a pool vacuum. The sellers were supposed to have left all of the equipment, but they didn’t. Thankfully, Jason had a spare vacuum and let me have it. He came over, got it screwed into the side of the pool wall and off it went. The vacuum zoomed around for days. I emptied the bag that was filled with sand and dirt and leaves and gunk every hour for a few days.

Still a bit cloudy, but it was getting there! This was my morning view for a while. I loved sitting outside watching the squirrels jump from the tree branches to the roof of the shed.


FullSizeRender (37)

It took a few weeks, but we finally got “ungreen.”


I didn’t have ANY furniture!

I found the gazebo at Big Lots. It was their floor model so I got it for a monster discount. ❤

The loungers are from Sam’s Club (.com)

The table and chairs on the deck from Fleet Farm

IMG_3986 (1)

My view is private and awesome. I lovvvve my backyard!

The light fixture is a hoolahoop wrapped in twine with Edison bulbs strung around it. It’s so fancy-pants!

FullSizeRender (48)

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