Backyard DIY: Before and After

I think the backyard is my second favorite “room” of the house. I’ve done a lot of work, but I’ve also done a lot of learning! I didn’t know how to put gas or oil into a lawnmower and I hand’t ever had to know about spark plugs or how to do upkeep that comes with having a pool, including emptying the dead mice and frogs from the skimmers. Thankfully, none of what I had to learn was very hard, just a lot of firsts.


Backyard Before


Backyard After

I really like the gazebo, but you may notice it no longer has a roof. The gazebo turned into a kite prior to me bolting it to the concrete. The neighbor came over to let me know it had flown over my fence and landed in their yard, upside down. There really wasn’t any damage done, but I am hesitant to put the roof back on because it’s pretty windy a lot of the time back there. Roof or not, it is now bolted down! I love being able to shut the curtains and turn on the twinkle lights at night!


FullSizeRender (48)

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