Front Exterior: DIY

Now that most things are complete, I thought it would be neat to take a picture from the same position as the before pictures that were posted when the house was for sale! And yes, I did *almost* everything myself. I took a few weeks off from work and had my lists. There were really long days and nights during the demo and installing the flooring, but I am super thrilled about how it turned out!

Front Exterior Before

Front Exterior Before

Front Exterior After

Front Exterior After

  1. paint front door
  2. paint garage door
  3. replace blinds to all match from the outside of the house
  4. replace light fixtures
  5. spray paint house numbers from gold to black
  6. pull trees and bushes
  7. plant new bushes
  8. pull weeds
  9. fix rocks
  10. fertilize
  11. spray for weeds
  12. spray for bugs

Note: I did need a lawn care person to come pull the trees and bushes with a Bobcat. I was too nervous about gas lines and it would have taken me ages to cut a tree down with the tools that I have.

The day that I had reserved to plant bushes turned out to be a rain day, and my birthday! If I had to plan it all over again, I would always choose to plant bushes on a rain day. It’s definitely muddy, but it’s cool and refreshing to not be sweating your ass off while you’re digging the holes.

I bought 5 bushes. I don’t know what they are, but I’m excited for them to grow a bit. Again, everything needs to be done for as little cash as possible, so the bushes that I bought aren’t quite as big as I would have liked.



I was just about done. As I was swiping my razor blade through the roots before plopping it into the ground, I had a little slip. My thumb got in the way and I sliced a nice chunk. That stings, but honestly, I was on such a mission to be done with planting the bushes that I just cried a little bit in my head and kept going. I also made a mental note to go get some gardening gloves. 😀


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