Dining Room Light Fixture

The dining room light fixture was a bitch.

dining room light fixture

The ceiling fan in the dining room didn’t turn on during the inspection. It didn’t have any pulls or switches on it. It was run by a remote control that was MIA. I wasn’t too concerned because I knew that I was going to be replacing it. I should have been concerned.

Taking the old fixture down was one of the most memorable moments I have from this entire renovation. It was a very heavy ceiling fan and I had all of the screws removed except for one. The final screw that was holding the ceiling fan up was jammed. I hopped down from my ladder to get a flat head to unjam it. As I climbed the ladder and went to grab the fan…

You can predict what’s about to happen, can’t you.

BAM! Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. It literally crashed from the ceiling down onto the brand new laminate wood flooring (this pic is from the entryway where I put it to check out the dining room flooring). I stood on the ladder, looking down at the pieces and felt a kind of crazy feeling in my veins. Adrenaline. The floor was fine. Thank goodness.


FullSizeRender (17)

I purchased the new fixture at Home Depot. While I was at it, I also purchased a dimmer switch. The fixture was a little bit boring, but I had a tight budget and this was pushing it. I knew I could make it better.

It was too bad that when I put the light fixture up it didn’t work! Turns out that it wasn’t just the old fixture that didn’t work, that light switch was not working and had to be rewired. That really stunk. I was so excited to have it up, it really would have been great if it also would have worked. 😀

We had to do homework with lamps at the table for a few nights.


To spiff them up, I removed the frosted glass cylinders and replaced them with chili cans. You could use any kind of can, but I like the chili cans because they’re a bit larger than soup cans. You have to cut the top and bottom off.


I’d purchased this burlap trim at Hobby Lobby a while back. I can’t remember what I had planned on using it for, but it was perfect for the dining room fixture! I like that the burlap ties in with the kitchen window curtains and the stainless steel studs match the appliances.


I’d still like to have my step-dad shoot the cans with a bb gun so that the cans let a little bit more light out. The fixture is on a dimmer but since the cans aren’t see-through I always need to keep the dimmer on high to provide light.


Total Cost: The light fixture was $197. The burlap trim was about $20 with my 50% off coupon. I bought 3 yards and still have a TON leftover. The cans were free. I was making chili and would have thrown them away. 😀

FullSizeRender (50)




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