Granite Countertop: Scary Cheap

Waaaaay back in April I was trying to decide what to do about my white laminate countertops. I tried to pull the laminate off of the wood surround by myself. You can see I was successful on the front. I was not successful on the top, though. Laminate is SHARP. If you’re lucky enough to yank a big chunk off, you’ll notice that it comes off in shards. Be careful! Pieces fly off and the edges are as sharp as a razor blade.


I gave up on trying to pull the laminate off and thought about skim coating concrete. I think that’s what I would have done, but I’d found a post on Craigslist for scrap granite in Savage and went to check it out. The pieces looked like this:

IMG_2738 IMG_2739

Most of the pieces were tiny, but I found the big slab and really like the colors. I’d brought my measurements with me and I was VERY lucky. The slab was *just* big enough to do my countertops. They actually had to use the cutout from the sink area for the countertop area on the side of my fridge! I never would have thought of that!


The granite was $5/square foot. You guys, that is UNHEARD of. I paid a guy cash and he scribbled my name on a piece of paper that they taped to my slab. Yikes. A week later I got a call that they were ready to come and measure. They told me that for installation I would need to unhook my plumbing but that I could leave my sink in place. I’d never unhooked plumbing before, but figured it out. The hardest part was the garbage disposal. A quick YouTube video and I had it all unhooked. *Take pics before you unhook anything! That way, when you go to put it back together you remember what goes where.

A few weeks after that they came to install my countertops. They asked me if I wanted a backsplash, but I had planned on subway tiles running from countertop to ceiling.

This was very Craigslist style with a guy and his kiddo helping him and they borrowed my blow dryer for something?

I love it! The countertop installation was THE ONE thing that I’ve done that made me feel like I finally have a grown up house. There were still things to do, but the countertops were the icing on the cake for helping to feel like I was in the home stretch.

Check this out…





There wasn’t enough granite for the kitchen island, but that was totally okay with me! I was going to be completing that in concrete (you can see the concrete island top pre stain and sealer in the above pic). They DID have some left over granite from the slab that I purchased, though…

…and, it was the perfect size for the top of my shelf!


Crazy / Wavy Pano Pic:


Total time from day of purchase to install complete: 3.5 weeks

Total granite and fabrication cost: $600

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