Bathroom Renovation: Electrical

Forget about the fact that I had to brush my teeth in the kitchen sink. This post is about not having any power for lights, blow dryers, or straightening irons. Once I was done with demolition, I needed to think about power. Since it was a fairly small job, or so I thought, I called an electrician to give me a quote. I needed a few wires re-rerouted and was happy to pay somewhere in the range of $200-$300.

The quote was $2000! This was it. The wires that are surrounded by boards needed to be re-routed to run down the wall next to the doorway. Bonus if they could throw in adding a second vanity light box because I was putting in double sinks. I thought that if their quote for the second light box was going to be over budget that I would do that part myself.


I decided to do this myself. There is NO way that this job would take very long. I knew it would take me longer than a professional, but I’m a budget backwards kind of gal. If it’s going to take longer and cost less, that’s the direction I will take almost every time. I unhooked the wires, grabbed my ladder and climbed into the attic.

I labeled each of the wires as I unhooked them because I wanted to be sure to get them fished through in the correct order. I didn’t have a lot of length to spare with the wires and didn’t want to end up with the light fixture being too far up on the wall.


I got the wires reassembled and tested them out. I had light! I had a fan! I had everything working just as it should… kind of. The fan was on a timer, which is supposed to be for the heat lamp that’s on the ceiling. I must have crossed some wires. Easy fix…

I got the heat light and the fan switched so that they worked correctly and went to get a snack. The kitchen light fixture didn’t work…

This was starting to get really fricking frustrating *and* I was supposed to be baking for a fundraiser for my son’s baseball steak fry the next day.

I was up and down the ladder into the attic, swimming through nasty insulation throughout the entire day. Just when I fixed something, I ended up breaking something else. I’m familiar with software development and this was *exactly* like fixing software bugs. You fix one bug and you end up creating 2 more somewhere else.

By the end of the day, I had all of the mysteries solved, but it did take me over 8 hours from start to finish, including adding a second junction box for a double vanity.




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