Bifold Closet Door Updo

Bifold doors hate me…and the feeling is mutual. They never glide nicely and they take up a lot of space when they’re open. I’ve also had my fair share of struggles getting them jammed and having to try to get them back on their rails.

I lived without my closet doors on for nearly a year, but the task of putting them on was something that I knew was going to test my patience. I had to take them off when I replaced my flooring. The hardware that holds the bottom of the bifold door on had to be removed for me to lay the wood planks.

It took me several weekends to get the doors rehung. I had to keep walking away because my patience was exhausted. Just when I’d think that they were hung correctly, I would hop down off of the chair, test the opening and closing of the door and it would pop back off. So many f-words.

Finally, the shitty, hollow core bifold doors were hung – and secure. They added absolutely nothing good to the room other than the fact that there were doors on my closet.

I headed to Pinterest for ideas of what to do. I bought inexpensive full length mirrors, screwed them to the doors and painted it all white.


The doors took layer after layer after layer of paint, I had to come back to it at least 4 different times. When it was done, the white and the mirrors really made the room feel bigger.


I was standing back looking at it and started thinking about dressing rooms in stores. They always have hooks that you can hang clothes on outside of the doors. I went to Hobby Lobby to look at hardware and found some hooks that I added to the space above the mirrors.


This project was really not a big deal as far as DIY goes and cost less than $50. Anybody can do it!

The best thing is that I hate my bifold doors a lot less now and like that when the doors are opened, I’m able to see the back of myself – like when you’re in a dressing room.

Before and After Bifold Doors

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