1965 Shasta Reno: Potty-Closet Edition!

Real Life: when we’re actually camping and not just playing pretty-photoshoot-day with the renovations, the door looks like a dorm room exploded. We almost always have towels, swimsuits, or hoodies hanging on the potty closet door… I had not anticipated that.

To poop, or not to poop…Our Shasta didn’t come with a potty – so operation closet-potty is in progress. To convert the closet into a potty, we needed that area to be a bit more accessible than the hinged double door frame.

We started by removing the closet doors and drawers. I stored them in our attic at home for safe keeping.

We brought Miss Shasta to a vintage camper expert to get their opinion on potty possibilities. For now, we just have the closet down to the shell and the new sliding bathroom/screen door.

We bought the screen door at Home Depot. While we were there we found a 1/2″ copper pipe and we also put the door on casters. You can see in the pictures how it’s all attached. The next thing we did was shorten the door by about 7 inches. It was too tall for the camper.

We carefully removed the screen from the top of the door, cut the top of the door off and then cut 7″ off of each side. Once that was done we screwed the top of the door back on and put the screen back in place. Vwalla! Now it will fit in the camper!

We found a pint of oops paint at Ace. I love this bright green color as a pop against all of the neutrals!

For added closet-potty privacy, I also added a vintage white curtain to the back of the screen door. It’s still a little see-through, but I can’t imagine the claustrophobia we’d get in there otherwise.

Our closet-potty sits above a wheel well, which means some of these camper options won’t work for us at all.

Jen has done a ton of research on these if you’re curious and want to learn more: porta potty, gravity, incinerating, composting, and macerating.

For this year, we’re going to bring our handy dandy shed port-a-potty that you can read about in a different post. It’s worked well for us and as long as we keep number two’s and TP out of it.

I can’t imagine waking up in the middle of the night and having to leave the camper, so this potty closet has been a lifesaver. Maybe literally…

We only have a few more reno editions of Miss Shasta left in 2020 so stay tuned for more!

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