1965 Shasta Reno: Walls Edition!

Our Shasta came with the original wood paneling from FIFTY-FIVE years ago!

Overall it was in really great shape. For resale value, it’s best to keep as much of the original Shasta as possible. But Shasta McNasta didn’t get her name for nothin’…

She had a smell that we just couldn’t get rid of. The smell was a mix of ultra lavender and mold. Our noses would stuff up after being in there for just a few minutes. It was such a stubborn smell that we had to use oil-based Kilz to get rid of it.

We started Kilz-ing the wood paneling in the dining area and ended up doing all of the seating, ceiling, drawers and closet. There were also a few cabinets where the wood paneling needed glueing back together. After the Kilz, we painted my favorite white paint (Behr eggshell, Polar Bear White) throughout the dinette area and into the closet.

For the “Master Bedroom” in the back, we left the original paneling and I found peel and stick wallpaper with PINEAPPLES to go over it. How fricking cute is that!?!

It even has the original light fixture ❤

Now that you’ve seen the flooring, paint and wallpaper together, you’ll have to stay tuned more!

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