House Number Makeover

I’ve updated my house numbers a few times over the years and I made a mistake the prior time that I did it.

There was not enough contrast, especially when it was a little dark outside.

The numbers were painted black and the board that they were on was a cedar / orangish tone. I decided to give the house numbers a makeover on the day that our U-Haul sized grocery delivery was accidentally delivered to the neighbors house.

I surfed Pinterest and found so many awesome ideas! I priced out new numbers and since I need so many of them the cost to do my makeover was going to be higher than what I wanted to spend. I had to find inspiration while being able to use what I already had on hand.

I had my original house numbers, scrap shiplap pieces and some other wood. I also had paint, my tried and true Behr Latex paint in Polar Bear White.

The contrast of black numbers against a white backdrop is going to be SO much easier for delivery peeps. It’ll also help prevent me from staring out the window to make sure my groceries and other deliveries aren’t going to the wrong house.

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