Roof “Raking” the Snow

Well it’s not really raking if you’re using a shovel, but we had to get the snow off of the roof because snow is gets heavy and when you hear creeks and pops from the ceiling when you’re laying in bed you get your butt up on the roof to take care of the situation!

The first thing that we had to figure out is how to get up onto the roof – with only a 6′ ladder… I do not recommend this, and we did end up going to the hardware store for a big mama ladder because our rigged up idea was scary AF.

Once you’re up on the roof you need to figure out how to plant yourself safely. It’s a long drop down and even though there is snow to catch your fall, it’s not going to be like landing in a fluffy cloud!

This took us two days and I”ll tell you why. We did it wrong. After we had shoveled all of the snow off of the garage roof and onto the driveway we were pooped out. We left the compacted mounds of snow on the driveway overnight, to harden as solid as a rock.

So after hours of chopping the solidified snow into manageable chunks, we were able to use the snow blower and shovel to move the roof icebergs into off of the driveway and into the yard.

Uffda. Lessons learned:

  • Get a ladder that’s tall enough. Better yet, buy a roof rake and stay safer on the ground.
  • Get that roof snow off of the driveway right away.
  • Buy donuts for afterward, you’ll be starving from all of the hard work!

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