Shoes of #2020

In case you’re bored, I made a coloring page of the most popular shoes (in my house) for 2020. You can download it, make a poster of it, whatever you’d like.

Can you find the one that’s not like the others? I’ll tell you why they’re not like the others, they’re for painting and mowing the lawn. I wouldn’t want to ruin my good Crocs!

Who am I kidding? I’m not the kind of gal to change my shoes to paint, mow, powerwash the world, etc.

I got these for my birthday this year.

I got these for our anniversary this year. I was also proud of myself for putting actual pants (bibs) on this day. 😀

And my trusty Haflinger clogs. These are not new, but I didn’t wear them in the summer so I’m excited to be bringing them back out of hibernation! I am not excited for the snow…

(like my pants and socks?)

Cheers to the high heels around the world that are still getting worn. I miss ya ladies. I’m lying.

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