DIY Scrap Wood Shelves

I don’t know about you, but I usually have a pile of scrap wood in my garage from previous projects. These 1 x 6 scraps were remnants from having built barn doors for my basement.

I drilled pilot holes where the screws would go (to not split the wood) and then screwed six pieces together in a stairstep fashion using wood screws. The lowest board is screwed directly to the wall. The top board has a picture frame holder on the back to attach that to the wall and keep it from sagging. I made two sets of these shelves and placed on above the other. Then, I had a ton of books that I have purchased from Goodwill over the years and I really like the way that the colors from the books pop on the dark wall.

It’s a super quick DIY and you could customize this in so many ways with paint, stain, or by using whatever your favorite decorations are. You could also add this to any room, including your kitchen, your sun room, or your kiddos rooms!

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