Hello there! We’re Amber and Jen. We’re so happy that you found our little piece of the world and can’t wait to share more of our DIY projects with you. For a little background: Where you met: Work, and also online dating (because Jen didn’t remember meeting me at work so she found me onlineContinue reading “Hello!”

Backyard Oasis

So we’re at the end of the 2020 summer in Minnesota. We spent a lot more time sprucing the backyard up this spring while we were quarantined. I’d say our hard work paid off and we feel so fortunate to be able to have our own little retreat. We not only got to hang outContinue reading “Backyard Oasis”

Power Washing the World!

Why did I have to be this many years old before I realized that power washing could be so rewarding?! I have a lot of concrete in my yard that wraps around an inground pool. I have a deck, a fence, siding, a driveway, the list goes on and on! I had no idea whatContinue reading “Power Washing the World!”

Shed: Outdoor Port-a-Potty

It was a long winter in Minnesota, per usual, but the quarantine life added a twist to our usual sprint and summer backyard get-togethers. We wanted to avoid having people in the house, but we didn’t want to avoid having people over. So what were our friends and family going to do if they hadContinue reading “Shed: Outdoor Port-a-Potty”

New Inground Pool Liner

This was not a DIY… I guess pool liners last about 17 years before they’re faded, brittle, sagging, and rip. It was such a bummer to see this after we took the winter cover off. I was on frog rescue duty while we waited for our replacement to be installed. So gross! I was SOContinue reading “New Inground Pool Liner”

The Pergola

I really wanted some sort of structure on my deck. Actually, I really want a 4-season-porch, but that’s not happening this year. I thought about buying another metal canopy like the one I have down by the pool, but the wind makes me nervous. I’m pretty sure the frame would get twisted and trashed in justContinue reading “The Pergola”

Pinterest Fail: PVC Pipe Pergola

What the hell was I thinking? Summer temperatures had hit and I had ants in my pants to create a backyard oasis. I didn’t have any yard furniture, my deck was in shabby shape and desperately needed stain, and my pool was green. As always, I was on Pinterest looking for fun DIY projects thatContinue reading “Pinterest Fail: PVC Pipe Pergola”