DIY Scrap Wood Shelves

I don’t know about you, but I usually have a pile of scrap wood in my garage from previous projects. These 1 x 6 scraps were remnants from having built barn doors for my basement. I drilled pilot holes where the screws would go (to not split the wood) and then screwed six pieces togetherContinue reading “DIY Scrap Wood Shelves”


Hello there! We’re Amber and Jen. We’re so happy that you found our little piece of the world and can’t wait to share more of our DIY projects with you. For a little background: Where you met: Work, and also online dating (because Jen didn’t remember meeting me at work so she found me onlineContinue reading “Hello!”

House Number Makeover

I’ve updated my house numbers a few times over the years and I made a mistake the prior time that I did it. There was not enough contrast, especially when it was a little dark outside. The numbers were painted black and the board that they were on was a cedar / orangish tone. IContinue reading “House Number Makeover”

Bathroom Renovation: Painted Concrete Flooring

The electrical was up and running and I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I couldn’t bring myself to also demolish the tile floor. When I was finished tearing down the tile walls, I didn’t have it in me to even attempt to jack hammer the tile floor out. The fact that I was so poopedContinue reading “Bathroom Renovation: Painted Concrete Flooring”

Bathroom Updo

I call this a bathroom updo because I didn’t really tear anything apart other than the seashell tile border. The entire bathroom is tiled from floor to ceiling, and even on the ceiling in the shower. Demolition of all of that was something that I wasn’t ready for. I hadn’t even imagined that I couldContinue reading “Bathroom Updo”