1965 Shasta Reno: Potty-Closet Edition!

Real Life: when we’re actually camping and not just playing pretty-photoshoot-day with the renovations, the door looks like a dorm room exploded. We almost always have towels, swimsuits, or hoodies hanging on the potty closet door… I had not anticipated that. To poop, or not to poop…Our Shasta didn’t come with a potty – soContinue reading “1965 Shasta Reno: Potty-Closet Edition!”

1965 Shasta Reno: Walls Edition!

Our Shasta came with the original wood paneling from FIFTY-FIVE years ago! Overall it was in really great shape. For resale value, it’s best to keep as much of the original Shasta as possible. But Shasta McNasta didn’t get her name for nothin’… She had a smell that we just couldn’t get rid of. TheContinue reading “1965 Shasta Reno: Walls Edition!”

1965 Shasta Reno: Floors Edition

Our Shasta came with a few layers of flooring. We removed carpet and found 1980’s linoleum. That was expected. Then we removed the linoleum and found the original tiles. That was not expected! There were orange accent squares and I absolutely loved it! Unfortunately, the floor was “repaired” by a previous owner and the originalContinue reading “1965 Shasta Reno: Floors Edition”


Hello there! We’re Amber and Jen. We’re so happy that you found our little piece of the world and can’t wait to share more of our DIY projects with you. For a little background: Where you met: Work, and also online dating (because Jen didn’t remember meeting me at work so she found me onlineContinue reading “Hello!”

Welcome Home Shasta (McNasta)

We’re so excited about the new addition to our already crowded driveway! She’s a 1965 Shasta. I’ve always wanted a retro camper and this has been an amazing transformation (that is still a bit in progress). Stay tuned for all of the before and after fun that we’ve been having.

Power Washing the World!

Why did I have to be this many years old before I realized that power washing could be so rewarding?! I have a lot of concrete in my yard that wraps around an inground pool. I have a deck, a fence, siding, a driveway, the list goes on and on! I had no idea whatContinue reading “Power Washing the World!”

Concrete Skim Coat: Tub and Shower Edition

Time Needed: 2 days for skim coating (including applications, sanding and dry time) 3 days for sealing (including applications and dry time) There’s a rule about not posting the horrific stages of a renovation because so many people can’t picture the end result. Meh, I don’t follow the rules and like to share the earlyContinue reading “Concrete Skim Coat: Tub and Shower Edition”

New Inground Pool Liner

This was not a DIY… I guess pool liners last about 17 years before they’re faded, brittle, sagging, and rip. It was such a bummer to see this after we took the winter cover off. I was on frog rescue duty while we waited for our replacement to be installed. So gross! I was SOContinue reading “New Inground Pool Liner”

Patio Door and Window Makeover

I’m always looking around the house imagining what it would take to list it as a beachie rental – that just happens to be in Minnesota. I started painting the trim throughout the entire house way back when I bought the home in December of 2015, but I didn’t paint the patio door or theContinue reading “Patio Door and Window Makeover”