1965 Shasta Reno: Potty-Closet Edition!

Real Life: when we’re actually camping and not just playing pretty-photoshoot-day with the renovations, the door looks like a dorm room exploded. We almost always have towels, swimsuits, or hoodies hanging on the potty closet door… I had not anticipated that. To poop, or not to poop…Our Shasta didn’t come with a potty – soContinue reading “1965 Shasta Reno: Potty-Closet Edition!”


Hello there! We’re Amber and Jen. We’re so happy that you found our little piece of the world and can’t wait to share more of our DIY projects with you. For a little background: Where you met: Work, and also online dating (because Jen didn’t remember meeting me at work so she found me onlineContinue reading “Hello!”

It’s a Happy and Organized Closet!

When we moved into this house, the entryway closet had an oak-colored, hollow core bifold door. The door did not open and close without effort because it wasn’t installed properly and it also took up valuable space when it was opened. Lastly, as much as I like to think that my boys and I wouldContinue reading “It’s a Happy and Organized Closet!”