I Love Faces!

Plant Face made with scrap wood and hardware.

I love when plants look like hair!


Fridge Face. Magnetic eyes from thinkgeek.com and plant pigtails from Lowe’s:  IMG_4618

Key Holder Face. Scrap wood, beads and hardware:


Box Face: Suitcase with bun legs attached and tool box with antique dresser handles:

(I actually didn’t realize this was a face until my friend asked me about it)


Beethoven Head/Face. I thought this would be a good necklace holder, but his head was too big. 😀


Valley Fair Caricature. I love this pic from a few years ago and just framed it the other day with a $3 clearance frame from Hobby Lobby.


I haven’t done this yet, but omg, I want to!