DIY Scrap Wood Shelves

I don’t know about you, but I usually have a pile of scrap wood in my garage from previous projects. These 1 x 6 scraps were remnants from having built barn doors for my basement. I drilled pilot holes where the screws would go (to not split the wood) and then screwed six pieces togetherContinue reading “DIY Scrap Wood Shelves”


Hello there! We’re Amber and Jen. We’re so happy that you found our little piece of the world and can’t wait to share more of our DIY projects with you. For a little background: Where you met: Work, and also online dating (because Jen didn’t remember meeting me at work so she found me onlineContinue reading “Hello!”

I’m Addicted to Temporary Wallpaper

I was hesitant to go as bold as this gold and white chevron in my entry. After I had put it up I wondered if it was a little bit too much. I decided to give it some time to grow on me. It’s fun, under $50, very easily replaceable, and takes just an hourContinue reading “I’m Addicted to Temporary Wallpaper”

Boy Cave: Built-In Media Unit

This house came with built-ins in the basement, the homemade kind. The entire basement must have been a wonderful man cave back when TV’s weren’t flat. The bottom half of the until was built through the wall into the space behind it. That space is a storage area under the staircase. The top shelves wereContinue reading “Boy Cave: Built-In Media Unit”

Staircase from Hell Turned Stairway to Heaven

Okay folks! This project was by far the worst and the most satisfying – once it was done. I don’t have a picture of the stairs back when they were carpeted. All of the carpet was removed the day that I moved in and I remember the guys asking me if I wanted the carpetContinue reading “Staircase from Hell Turned Stairway to Heaven”